The World Is Changing, And So Are We

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North Massapequa Computers opened just two years and one month ago, but to everyone, that feels like a lifetime ago. So much about the way the world does business has changed as a direct result of the pandemic. The world is different from how it was when North Massapequa Computers opened.

In order to better serve our clients, we are making a few drastic changes which we feel will be very effective at providing the most thorough, affordable, and expeditious computer repairs in the area.

For starters – on Tuesday, November 30th we’re closing our store. We’re not by any means closing our business – just our physical store. Increasingly we find clients looking for in-home visits, as well as clients looking for someone to pick up their computer for repair and drop it back off when it’s ready. After months of careful consideration, we’ve decided that it’s the best way to go about it. Restaurants are seeing more deliveries and pickups than ever. Retail stores are seeing more curbside pickups. Our industry is no different.

Moving forward, to request a repair, simply call us – 516-765-7900. We will get you scheduled at the earliest open appointment that works for you. You can either have a technician on-site fixing your computer in your home, or you can arrange a pickup and a drop-off. If you don’t want us to come in, no problem – we’ll pick it up right from your doorstep. If you don’t mind us coming in – that works too! We’ll disconnect the computer and reconnect it for you when it’s finished being repaired. And if the services needed are simple, we can help you over the phone. One of our technicians will get on the line and get your computer fixed over the phone.

The services we will offer will be the same as always – there’s just less work on your part!

These 25 months of operating our physical store have been nothing shy of awesome. We’ve met so many wonderful clients and we will cherish all of those memories dearly.

We understand that some of you will not like this, but we know a majority of you will. We know that there is a chance you’re not going to want to continue to use us for your repairs, and we understand that. But, rest assured that should you continue to use our services, you can expect the same quality of repairs, the same (or in some cases, even better) turnaround times, and the same courteous service with a smile.

Thank you for 25 awesome months. Here’s to hundreds more!

Zack Magee, President

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