Best Of Long Island

We've Been Nominated!

Bethpage's Best of Long Island is a contest held every year to find the best companies of each industry. As a North Massapequa Computers customer, you know the excellent caliber of service you experienced - we'd like you to help other Long Islanders find out about us too!

We're honored and thrilled to have been nominated for the 2022 Best of Long Island! We need your help to win!

Step 1
Click here, which will bring you to the voting page

Step 2
Scroll down to "Computer Services" and click "Vote" next to North Massapequa Computers. Your first time voting you will be prompted to enter your email address. The next time you vote you'll still be logged in.

Step 3
That's it! You've voted for North Massapequa Computers. Be sure to share to Facebook to tell all of your friends!