Products and Services

Computer Repair

We charge one competitive flat rate for computer repair services, not per hour. And if we can't fix it, you don't pay.

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Virus Removal

Have a virus, ransomware, or spyware? Our trained expert technicians can get rid of them for you.

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System Tune-Ups

Computer not running how it used to? A tune-up can significantly increase the speed of your computer!

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Hardware Upgrades

Whether you're looking for a new hard drive, more RAM, or an improved processor, we can upgrade you.

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Hard Drive Recovery

Deleted your data? Hard drive failed? We have the tools to attempt a data recovery. There's no charge if we can't recover!

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Are you backing up your data? We can help you make sure your data is properly backed up and protected!

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Screen Replacement

Cracked your cell phone? We've all done it! Bring in your phone for a low-cost high-quality screen replacement.

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Not sure how to do something on your computer? Schedule an appointment to get trained on some of the functions!

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Custom Computers

Get the computer of your dreams! After a one-to-one consultation with you, we will build a computer designed to match your exact specifications.

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Refurbished Computers

If you're looking for a new computer, consider a gently used desktop or laptop instead! Purchasing a refurbished computer reduces e-waste and saves money.

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Other Products

We have a wide assortment of other products available for purchase. Stop in to shop printers, keyboards, mice, accessories, and much more at amazing prices!