If you are currently using the computer you are trying to recovery data on, shut it off immediately. Using a computer that you are planning on recovering data from can severely reduce the chance of a successful recovery.

We Can Help You Attempt To Recover Your Data

There are two different types of data loss that would require an attempted recovery. Accidental data loss, and drive failure.

Accidental Data Loss

If you accidentally deleted some of your files, photos, music, or other important data, we may be able to help. When a file is deleted, although file is "removed" from the drive, the data is usually still present until it is overwritten. Assuming not a lot of reads or writes were done on the drive, it is sometimes possible to recover those files. It is very important to shut down the computer as soon as you realize the files are missing in order to prevent the potentially recoverable data from being overwritten.

Drive Failure

If your hard drive failed, we may be able to pull some data off of it. In many cases, although the entire drive appears to be defective, the drive itself is still intact but the controller is damaged. Other times, corruption in specific parts of the hard drive can put the drive in a state where it can't be used, but all the data is intact. We are able to do basic tests of the drive on site, and if necessary, we have contracts with leading clean-room hard drive recovery experts that can continue to investigate the drive at a great price.