Hardware Upgrades

Make That Old Computer Feel New Again

Do you have an older computer that's running slowly? Before you replace it with a new computer, let us see if we can upgrade your hardware! A new hard drive, some more ram, and a better processor can make your aging computer feel brand new.

What can we upgrade?

There are three major parts that can be upgraded. We will give you a quote explaining which parts should be upgraded and why, and how much each part costs.

Hard Drive

Most computers come with mechanical hard drives. Upgrading to a Solid State Drive can provide an incredible performance boost for all of your computer's functions, primarily when accessing your files.

Best For: Computers 4+ years old with mechanical drives.


Many pre-built computers do not come with enough RAM to handle the average user's workload. Extra RAM can prevent your computer from struggling when you have multiple programs open at once.

Best For: Users who multitask.


If your computer is responding slowly when running programs, you may want to consider a processor with a higher clock speed. This can improve performance when running programs locally.

Best For: Users who have resource-heavy software.